Note Book 1.0


Each of our Smart Sculptures comes with an engraved aluminum card called "SAVE IT". As the name implies, it is imperative that you keep this card safe and do not divulge these codes to anyone else, as you are the sole owner of these unique and unrecoverable access keys which promotes the security of your portfolio.
Your SAVE IT card is the identity card of your sculpture and the access keys to your wallet "TRUST WALLET". Once your wallet is connected to your smartphone, the card is no longer needed to access it unless you change phones in which case it is necessary to import back to your wallet via the Trust Wallet mobile application.
Sculptereum only holds the public key of each wallet created for the authentication of Smart Sculptures and also for eventual Airdrop and contests
Une carte SAVE IT ne peut être renouveler si dégradation, perte ou de vol.