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  • Can we trust Sculptereum?
All data collected or transmitted by Sculptereum are on secure servers to ensure a foundation of trust between Sculptereum and users.
For more information, please see our terms and conditions.
  • Which payment system is best to use ?
At Sculptereum, all currencies are accepted. However, payments in crypto assets are in the spotlight by re-injecting into the market 30% of the revenues generated by crypto-currency sales in order to counteract the deflation of digital assets with which a Smart Sculpture is purchased.
Smart Sculpture
  • How fast can I get a Smart Sculpture ?
Depending on the demand, Sculptereum commits to ship the Smart Sculptures within 15 days maximum depending on the demand.
  • Is the Smart Sculpture a limited edition and what is its price?
The first edition Smart Sculpture is numbered and signed. The ever-increasing price (click here) of each Smart Sculpture will be determined by the number of users who own it, so the value of the Smart Sculpture is based on the trust that is placed in it.
In the future, limited editions will result from this one as well as NFT editions to integrate the Metaverse universe.
  • Can I connect to the Smart Sculpture with my iPhone ?
Yes, the Smart Sculpture is made to connect you from operating systems IOS and Android.
However it is essential that the smartphone is equipped with the "contactless" functionality.
For more information click here.
  • Is it necessary to recharge a Smart Sculpture ?
No, the Smart Sculpture is energy self-sufficient with an estimated 1000 years of daily use.
  • Is the Smart Sculpture frightened ?
The smart sculpture is designed to last over time, easily withstanding temperature changes from -40°C to over 50°C.
  • Can I resell a Smart Sculpture ?
It is up to you to do whatever you want with your smart sculpture. It is necessary to present the Save IT card with your smart sculpture to prove its authenticity.
A marketplace will be provided for this purpose as stated here
  • I am new in this world, what is the use of a Smart Sculpture ?
The Smart Sculpture allows access to the world of cryptocurrencies in a few clicks in a secure manner, with a playful and intelligible side to be accessible to all.
  • What is a Save IT card ?
It is an engraved metal card containing the name and password (private key) of the wallet associated with its Smart Sculpture. Do not divulge these codes under any circumstances, Sculptereum will never ask you for your access codes.
It is necessary to make the first import of the wallet on your phone in order to reveal the identity of the Smart Sculpture which is the public key (wallet address).
  • Am I the sole owner of my access keys ?
Sculptereum wants to keep the philosophy of the blockchain, which is decentralization, which is why each Smart Sculpture is produced with a card that is unique and where the data is immediately destroyed, which promotes the security of your wallet and guarantee a serene experience.
Don't worry if someone else logs into your Smart Sculpture, they don't have the access keys to your wallet.
  • Is my SAVE IT card damaged or lost ?
For security reasons, Sculptereum cannot handle the reissuance of a SAVE IT card, so you should keep it in a safe place.
Only the public key of each wallet is kept by Sculptereum for future use in NFTs and various gifts.
Practical advice for use
In order to use a Smart Sculpture correctly, discover the tips to ensure its durability over time Click here.
Remarks: For all questions concerning deliveries (in France and abroad), Payments, Refunds, Sculpture damaged in delivery or because of the user, Warranty and replacement of the Smart Sculpture in case of non functioning. Please refer to the various resources provided in the footer of the Note Book.
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